A New Children’s Center

 The Current Ndumberi Children’s Development Center

If you have been on a mission trip with us, chances are you have visited the current Ndumberi Children’s Development Center, or CDC. This center is located adjacent to the Ndumberi PEFA Mercy Medical Clinic and is a pillar in the community. The center serves the needs of the children by providing spiritual, physical, educational, and social mentorship and training.
The CDC receives around 75 children each day at its current facility and that number jumps to 275 on the weekends. Unfortunately, the center is in dangerous disrepair with exposed wiring, broken windows, leaking roofs, wood rot, bug infestation, and rusted playground equipment.

Introducing the Future Ndumberi Children’s Community Center

This year we are partnering with PEFA Mercy Ministries and Compassion International to acquire land and build a new Children’s Community Center in the area. We plan to purchase land in 2019 and raise enough money to begin construction on the first two floors in 2020.
The future Ndumberi Children’s Community Center will include the following:

  • Training & Resource Center
  • Event Hall
  • Library & Computer Lab
  • Kitchen & Dining Hall
  • Classrooms
  • Two Safe Rooms for Abuse Victims
  • Recreational Area
  • Offices (including EIA’s)

Below is the “flyby” imagery mentioned at the Build Hope Dinner. It was created by Tamarack Grove Engineering in Boise, Idaho from architectural plans provided by the PEFA & EIA planning committee in Kenya. This video helps us envision the future Children’s Community Center in Ndumberi that will serve generations to come.

Future Ndumberi Children’s Community Center from Expansion International INC on Vimeo.