Sponsor A Student

High School Sponsor Scholarships

It only costs $390 a year to sponsor a student to attend high school and provide them with an education. Friends, family members and the student receiving the scholarship are responsible to pay the remaining amount due. The scholarship helps to provide for a student’s tuition, fees, books, uniforms, and in most instances room and board. Below is a list of  students who are currently on the waiting list and in need of a sponsor.


                  Michael                         Grade 9 – Bahati

              Caroline           Grade 9 – Ndumberi

              Kennedy                 Grade 9 – Subukia

                 Dennis                     Grade 9 – Magumu

                Paul                             Grade 9 – Subukia

          Nahason                   Grade 9 – Subukia

Caroline Grade 9 - Ndumberi

             Caroline                    – Recently Sponsored –

Kelvin Grade 9 - Subukia

             Kelvin                   – Recently Sponsored –



















In order to learn more about what sponsoring a student entails, read our New Sponsor Q&A

If you are interested in sponsoring a Kenyan student to go to high school, please contact us at scholarships@expansioninternational.org