High SchoolEducation not only changes lives, it impacts the future of families and communities.

The Issue

In Kenya, the government provides for student’s education up through the 8thgrade. Due to extreme poverty in the rural areas, most families do not have the school fees to allow their children to attend high school. Children in Kenya without the proper funds either leave school around age 13 to find work or they remain at home caring for other children.

This is an extremely vulnerable time for these children.  Without the opportunity to attend high school they may end up in very negative and damaging life situations such as homelessness, drug-abuse, gangs, and sex-trafficking.

A Solution

dsc_0249-1280x974 We believe all children should have the opportunity to attend high school or trade  school. Education gives children direction and keeps them from living on the streets and  becoming hopeless.

 Expansion International not only provides education scholarships for high school  students, we also host leadership training and work with communities to invest in  schools and training centers.

When provided with a scholarship these children are given the chance to acquire an education that will make them employable and allow them time to mature so they can make better life choices.

High School Sponsor Scholarships

It only costs $390 a year to sponsor a student to attend high school and provide them with an education. Friends, family members and the student receiving the scholarship are responsible to pay the remaining amount due. The scholarship helps to provide for a student’s tuition, fees, books, uniforms, and in most instances room and board.

In order to learn more about what sponsoring a student entails, read our New Sponsor Q&A

High School Matching Scholarships

The 2 Mustard Seeds matching scholarship program provides a matching education scholarship for every scholarship given by local churches in Kenyan communities where Expansion International works.  These scholarships provide for tuition, fees, books, uniforms, and room & board when applicable.

Working together with churches, the 2 Mustard Seeds Program will enable twice as many children to continue their education through high school, giving them greater opportunities for a brighter future.

Every year Expansion International hosts a community consignment sale which raises proceeds for the matching scholarship program.

To learn more about the Two Mustard Seeds sale and how you can get involved check out the website at

If you would like more information on becoming a sponsor and providing a Kenyan student with the chance to attend high school, please contact us at or call 208-345-7624.

Scholarship Student

Gakoe Student

Gakoe Student

High School Conference

High School Conference