Dental Training

We build relationships and trust with the local communities by first hosting health clinics and children’s programs through medical mission teams that travel from the USA several times a year. These teams are led and coordinated by Expansion International with participation from local Kenyan Pastors, community leaders and other partners. Once relationship’s with the local community has been established we can then understand the needs and target specific programs to help communities develop out of a poverty environment.

Expansion International has a local office in Kenya that all program efforts are coordinated through. They implement and manage all local programs with the community partners.

Expansion International’s approach for community transformation is to simultaneously incorporate programs that provide for primary and secondary education, public health education, healthcare solutions, spiritual care and improved economic conditions.

Poverty cannot be eradicated through one “best program” since poverty involves multiple problem areas in a community and is caused by many interacting complex individual and social factors.

Our Approach is to implement programs in these four areas: