Past and Current Projects

house 6• Subukia & Bahati Building Projects

Two hundred families from the former Kieni refugee camp took the money the Kenyan Government allotted to them and joined together to purchase land in the ares of Subukia and Bahati. The new land is only a few hours away from the former camp in which they lived. Although, the funds from the government helped to purchase the new land, it was not enough to buy houses for the families as well. Despite being land owners, many are still in desperate need of shelter.

Expansion International made the decision to start a brick production site in Kenya to make materials available to the former Kieni people so that they may move forward and build their future homes. It also employs many of the people, creating income for them as well as helping them to learn a new trade which they can use in the future.

At the time of this writing, 50 homes have already been completed in Subukia and construction is underway in Bahati. Keep current on the progression of the building project by checking out our blog posts located HERE.


Brick machineTeam building 1curing brincksSubukia Community


Location site of Magumu Water Project

• Magumu Clean Water Project 

The Magumu/Kirasha area has limited access to clean water and in an effort to improve the health of the communities we work in, we are partnering with PEFA Mercy Ministries Magumu to establish a well that can serve the local community and be the source of clean water for a future health care facility.

We’ve received all the necessary funds for the well and the work  has already begun!  A community water committee has been appointed to oversee the project and ensure its success.





Water Filter Taining

Water Filter Taining

• Water Project in the Kieni Refugee Camp

The two primary water sources for the residents of the Internally Displaced People (IDP) of the Kieni camp are contaminated with harmful bacteria and parasites. The effects of drinking contaminated water have caused many illnesses with the camp residents, some have developed into chronic diseases. The long term strategy to improve the health of the camp residents cannot be fully successful until a solution to the contaminated water is implemented. Although the 4,000 IDP’s in the Kieni camp have been living there since 2002, the camp was originally established as a temporary solution until the government could find a permanent location. Due to the temporary nature, establishing a well is not allowed. To bring clean water to the residents of the Kieni camp, 100 water filters have been installed in specific areas of the village. The residents have reported after a few months of use, health conditions have noticeably improved.


Sewing Business

Sewing Business

• Women’s Empowerment Project

Women’s sewing co-op was formed with 8 women (photo to right). They have contracts to make school uniforms and other items for the local village. Another lady, Elizabeth, purchased a second pig and now has liters of pigs to sell which has greatly expanded her business and providing a steady income for her family. Additionally Lucy works to improve her charcoal and vegetable stand business by making it more presentable to buyers and selling the older vegetables to Elizabeth for her pig business.





Former Kieni Camp

Former Kieni Camp

• Kieni Camp Resettlement Project

Working with the Kenya Government and Mercy Medical Ministries Kenya, Expansion International has helped to provide leadership, facilitate volunteers, and manage the resettlement of the Kieni refugee camp (IDP’s) photo to right.

Expansion International is currently partnering with the Kieni camp leaders and residents to build homes and establish a new community in both Sabukia and Bahati.

To learn more about the people of Kieni and their story, and to see how Expansion International is involved and committed to see them through the resettlement project watch this Video.