Projects Overview

Following are the key projects Expansion International is working on in 2009-2010: Improve health of Ndumberi community by bringing clean water from the PEFA Mercy Medical Center to the community (Phase I complete) Improve health of Kirasha community by establishing clean water on the Mercy Ministries Kirasha property site (Phase I complete) Establish additional high school education scholarships […]

Water Projects

Ndumberi Water Project: Many Patients seen at the PEFA Mercy Medical Center (PMMC) in Ndumberi are treated for water born diseases and illnesses There is linited sanitation in the area and most water is carried daily from shallow wells that are easily contaminated and at times depleted The PMMC has a well with clean, safe […]

High School Projects

Sign up today to provide a high school scholarship for a Kenya youth. Kenyan Government pays for public school education through standard grade 8 To attend a boarding school for class 9-12 requires a fee of ~$420 per year Children in the Ndumberi Children Development Center live in families that earn below poverty level of […]