Magumu Mercy Medical Clinic

Did you know that in rural Kenya:

  • 57% of births do not take place in a health care facility
  • Most families cannot afford needed medicines
  • 43% of people use unsafe water
  • 10,000 children die every year from diarrhea
  • 51% of people are without safe and proper sanitation
  • Many chronic illnesses are left untreated


These numbers show us there is a great need for quality healthcare facilities in rural areas of Kenya. Expansion International in partnership with PEFA Mercy Ministries is excited to announce the proposed Magumu Mercy Medical Clinic.

As anyone who has been on one of our medical mission trips can attest, the need is great. Thousands flock to the free medical clinics provided by Expansion International during the year. Even with our best efforts, many are turned away because the need outweighs the provision. Many patients arrive with ailments that could have been simply treated if they had access to immediate medical care, but due to delayed treatment they have progressed into more serious (and difficult to treat) conditions. Many seek medical help but cannot afford the medications. These are the needs that the Magumu Mercy Medical clinic will address.

Ndumberi Mercy Medical Clinic

After decades of prayer and a year of fundraising, we are finally beginning construction of the Magumu Mercy Medical Clinic! We already have the land, power, water, construction and startup expenses to make this vision a reality and are currently raising support funds for the first 3-5 years of clinic operations. 

The clinic will be modeled after the Ndumberi Mercy Medical Clinic established in 2007 with the help of Expansion International, PEFA Mercy Ministries, and others. We broke ground on June 30th, and the project will take approximately 9 months to fully get up and running. Our goal is to open the Magumu Mercy Medical Clinic in Magumu, Kenya in the summer of 2019.

To learn more or partner with this project, contact us at 208-345-7624 or at We have a video available for you to share with others about this project.

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