E.I. Africa’s Upcoming Medical Outreach

Next month our EI Africa team will help coordinate a much needed medical outreach clinic in Magumu, Kenya. The temporary clinic will be set up on the site of the proposed Magumu Mercy Medical Clinic. 
Edith Njenga, Naomi Kihuha, and Rachael Kamau will work with a medical team of volunteers to help fill the gap where the community is being severely impacted. 
Two team members from EI USA will join the team and help coordinate the clinic. Medical services will include: examinations, simple procedures, lab, pharmacy, and dental. Many residents from the outlying areas are expected to seek help at the clinic.
Your prayers are especially appreciated for this team. Due to the ongoing nurses strike, the demands on this particular clinic will be great. As mentioned in the previous article, all government hospitals and clinics have been rendered ineffective, and private clinics are experiencing distress from the situation as well. 
Members from Expansion International partnered with PEFA church and others in 2007 to build a private clinic in Ndumberi (doom-berry) which is approximately 2 hours away from Magumu. 
The Ndumberi clinic has been greatly impacted due to the strikes, and is receiving many more patience than they can manage each day. This highlights the ongoing need for more viable and staffed working facilities.
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