Announcing The Magumu Mercy Medical Clinic!


Expansion International is excited to unveil our newest project:

The Magumu Mercy Medical Clinic! 

We are excited to announce the Fund-A-Clinic campaign to provide this much needed clinic to one of our longest standing partner communities.

As anyone who has been on one of our trips can attest, the need is great. Thousands flock to the free medical clinics provided by Expansion International during the year. Even with our best efforts, many are turned away because the need outweighs the provision, even with multiple international organizations providing services. Many patients arrive with ailments that could have been simply treated if they had access to immediate medical care, but due to delayed treatment they have progressed into more serious (and difficult to treat) conditions.

These are the needs that the Magumu Mercy Medical Clinic seeks to address. It will take approximately $200,000 to build the clinic. We pray that with your help and generosity the funds will be raised within the next year.  Help us get started! Consider donating toward the building of the clinic or approaching your doctors on whether their offices would be interested in sponsoring a treatment room. Just $10,000 will allow us to lay the foundation.  With your hearts and voices sharing this need, the clinic can be built in no time! To learn more or partner with this project, contact us at 208-345-7624 or at

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