Water is Flowing

Water is flowing in Magumu

Many have been praying for the water in Magumu and we are excited to share with you that on March 26th our Executive Director, Arlene Hardy and President of Expansion International, Evans Baiya along with the staff and board members of Expansion International Africa were able to celebrate the borehole opening with the Magumu community. After waiting a year for the government to move power to the future site of PEFA Mercy Medical Clinic, the 900ft Magumu Borehole is now pumping clean, fresh water. Clean fresh water is something that we take for granted, but can be a life changer in Magumu.  People can now access water at the borehole site and the community is working on moving the water further into the city center and setting up a water kiosk.  Now that water is moving we are praying for the medical clinic that will be built on this site and will serve the residents in the nearby community. What a huge blessing this borehole is for the residents of the Magumu area and we thank God for those who donated to make this possible.

Subukia Gets Two New Water Tanks

During Arlene’s visit to Subukia where Expansion International built 50 homes in 2014, she found the residents doing well and happy to have two water tanks recently installed. Many of the former Kieni people now living in Subukia were getting water from the river or were having to walk 2 miles to and from the borehole daily. As well, lack of water made growing crops difficult and food has been scarce.  Thanks to our donors, Expansion International was able to set up two tanks and pipe water from a World Vision borehole to two of the four sections of Limeru Farm where the residents live.  Now the women and children no longer carry water from the river or walk miles to the borehole for their daily water needs.  Having the tanks closer will allow residents in the future to pipe from the tanks to their homes for irrigation use.  We are excited to see that clean water is now easier to access with the new tanks installed and we hope to be able to add two more tanks for the remaining two sections later this year. The community leaders reported that the community is healthier thanks to having access to clean water.

Bahati Expands Water Tanks

As Arlene and Evans walked around the community of Gituamba Farm in Bahati it was wonderful to witness the progress being made on building homes in the community; to-date 40 homes have been built. They were happy to see the gutters and tanks being hooked up to collect rain water that will be used for gardens, washing and even cooking.  Some families are planning to put cisterns next to their tank so overflow from the tank can be collected during the rainy seasons.

Giuamba farm residents were also thrilled to have a 10,000 liter water tank installed in 2015 as the residents were sick with typhoid from using water out of a neighboring community’s contaminated tank. The water that is now piped into the new 10,000 liter tank is “raw” and carries with it parasites so we are treating the water for domestic use.  An additional tank will be installed at the other end of Gituamba farm in the next few weeks. With both these tanks in place the women and children will spend less time carrying water for daily use. During the community meeting the families living in Gituamba farm shared how grateful they are to God and the many people who made it possible for them to have their home and have access to clean water.

Water sounds like such a simple thing. For many of us it is a luxury that surrounds us yet we are not aware of its value.  The communities of Magumu, Bahati, and Subukia view water as life.  Water grows food, food increases health, and health brings happiness.  For those of you who have partnered with us to bring happiness to these communities we would like to say thank you. The families of Magumu, Bahati and Subukia are eternally grateful.

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