2016 Mission Team Returns from Kenya

One of our largest mission teams just returned from Kenya and has been sharing their amazing stories of how the Lord worked through their team to minister in Kenya. This highly energetic team hosted 2 large medical clinics that served over 1,500 patients, held public health presentations, ministered to over 1,200 children at local primary schools and introduced two new programs in teen ministry and community outreach.  The community outreach team planted trees and dug ditches to lay water pipes that brought clean water to one of our communities. The teen ministry had our team members teaching and sharing with Kenyan teens in small groups as well performing skits and songs in a bigger group.  Both the Kenyan teens and our mission team members realized that even though we live in very different situations our stresses and problems are very much the same. Overall everyone involved in the mission trip, both Kenyan and American were greatly impacted.

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