Scholarship Conference 2016

Scholarship Conference 2016 TeamWhat an amazing experience! Seven shy, unassuming, but willing students from the U.S. plus 97 Kenyan high school scholarship recipients equals a life-changing experience. Students from Cole Valley Christian High School shared their personal stories, joined in teaching and learning worship songs. They also coached their Kenyan drama students as they performed the “King of Hearts” mime.

The Kenyan teens were guided and encouraged to share their own stories and they put together bracelets with colored beads representing the gospel message. They listened intently as Kenyan speakers gave them wise advice on such topics as taking exams, avoiding drugs, and the importance of working hard.  Everyone was challenged to walk out the plans God has for their lives by using the power and strength He gives. One of the students wrote, “The testimonies given to us in this conference have greatly impacted my life.”  The theme of “possess and occupy” (Numbers 13:30) was not only spoken throughout the entire conference, but was experienced as well by students and leaders alike.

We now have 116 students who are receiving scholarships, and are therefore able to pursue a high school education.  They are blessed and grateful, understanding what a very real difference your help is making. For each of these young adults, a simple thank you can not convey how much your contribution to send these Kenyan students to the conference means.

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