Bahati Building Project Update

Community Houses

Completed Home

We are pleased to announce that there are now 30 completed homes in Bahati and 10 more currently underway. This brings the total number of homes completed-to-date between both communities to 80. We thank God for how far this building project has come. Building has been completed in the community of Subukia and there are only 40 more homes left to complete in the community of Bahati.

It is currently the rainy season and although the rain is wonderful and needed for the crops, it has delayed the brick-making process in Bahati and has made harvesting soil difficult. In the meantime, families that are still awaiting a newly constructed house are living in makeshift tents. However, they see the progress that is being made in the area and do possess great hope for the future.


We have begun training community leaders in projects that focus on clean water access, water harvesting for irrigation, micro-financing and job skills training. This month the director of Expansion International Africa, Edith Njenga, met with the local water company and gained an agreement to increase water to both of the communities. This will allow them to have daily access to clean water and in the future move water to their crops.
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