January 2015 Newsletter

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January 2015 Newsletter 

Dear partner,
Happy New Year!  We want to express our gratitude for all the ways you have supported the work of Expansion International in the last year.  Thank you for joining us as we look ahead to 2015 with great expectancy.  We eagerly await what the Lord has in store for the people of Kenya and this organization.

A New Church for Subukia

NT ChurchA place to gather and worship…that is what the people in the new community of Subukia were hoping for once their homes were built.  Thanks to multiple donors from Eagle Nazarene Church, a church now stands as a place where they can gather. One group from Eagle Nazarene provided funds for the foundation; another provided for the bricks; an individual provided for a roof; and still another supporter gave to help install windows and doors. The people from the Subukia community also contributed by providing the labor and by donating chairs to furnish seating for the church.  Recently, an opening celebration was held where Expansion International gifted the church with Bibles and Hymnals to help them begin their ministry to the community.  To see that not only the physical needs of the people are being met but also the spiritual needs is an exciting part of watching this community grow.


Kieni Resettlement Update

Brick Making Day!A little more than a year has passed since the former Kieni Refugee Camp residents resettled to two new communities and began the process of rebuilding their lives.  In that time, 50 new brick houses were built in Subukia, a new church building was funded and constructed, many have learned a new trade and employable building skills, crops have been planted and harvested, and plans are beginning to develop for future community improvements.  Housing construction in Subukia came to a close, and equipment has been moved to the second community of Bahati where brick making will be underway soon.
Looking ahead, approximately 60 more homes need to be built by the end of this year, along with a community center that will become a hub for future meetings and community development training. Building houses is an exciting first step and launching pad for the critical work needed to help these communities become self-sustaining, impacting this generation and generations to come.

Kenya Mission 2015

unnamedTwo teams are already forming for our June 12-27 and July 18-Aug 1 mission trips to Kenya.  If you are interested in joining one of these teams, please plan to attend our next team meeting Tuesday, February 10th at 7pm.  A $300 deposit will be due at this time to secure your place on one of these teams.  (Meetings are held at Eagle Nazarene Church–1001 W State Street, Eagle, Idaho.) Feel free to call our office at (208)345-7624 if you have any immediate questions.

Your 2014 Charitable Giving Statement 2014

Charitable giving statements have been sent.  If you do not receive your statement by January 31, please email info@expansioninternational.org or call (208)345-7624.


Thank you!

We praise God for you and for your continued support of Expansion International.  May the Lord richly bless you in this new year to come.

Evans, David, Marietta, Jeanette, & Arlene


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