The Kieni Building Project Status

Here is the latest update from the Kieni Building Project!

Team building 1Subukia

Recently Expansion International sent a medical mission team into Kenya. They were blessed to be able to stop by the Subukia land and see the newly erected homes in person. They were even able to get their hands dirty and help with the building process themselves.

Thirty houses now stand complete in Subukia.   Our EI Africa staff created a phase plan in which houses in pre-established sections are being built at the same time in order to have the best access to brick production and in order to build in the most efficient way possible.  With ten houses in each section, this means that work has now started in phase four. Once construction is finished in Subukia, production will move to Bahati and houses will continue to be built in the same manner.


IMG_0938Expansion International initiated an agricultural training program in Bahati to educate the people on how to successfully grow crops through better methods of irrigation, cropping and weeding.   Many eagerly embraced the ideas and are putting the training to good use.  Waist-high corn gives hope that farming will play a critical role in this community.

To learn more about the story of the people of Kieni and Expansion International’s Resettlement Project watch this VIDEO.

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