Latest Kieni Resettlement Update

We are amazed at all that’s been accomplished on the new land in Subukia. To date, over 70,000 bricks have been made for building houses.  Many people from Kieni who’ve learned the brick-making trade have the very important job of continuing to make the approximately one million bricks needed for building 200 homes.  The first goal of building ten homes is already underway and families are taking part in the building process by preparing their foundations.
Work has also begun in the other new area of  Bahati.   Workers are in the process of surveying, land-clearing and fencing to prepare for future construction.

There are so many reasons to rejoice as we watch God’s plan unfold for the people of Kieni.   Much progress is being made.  Over the years many of you have so generously supported the very work that is happening now.  We are praying in faith and trusting the Lord to continue providing  the resources and finances needed to build each home.  At this point, enough funds are in place for the first 45 homes.  Please join us in prayer as we seek the Lord’s favor and provision for the remaining funds needed. Pray for wisdom, unity, and endurance for our Expansion International Africa staff as they oversee and coordinate efforts in this long-awaited building project.

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