No Doubt by Colette Blair – Kenya 2011 Team 3

“My 9 year old son cried out to God for healing as his friends carried him home.”  These words were spoken by Pastor John, one of my dear Kenyan brothers, as I sat next to him on our ride to the medical clinic in Kirasha.  He was one proud father!  Proud, because his son had cried out to his Heavenly Father in simple childlike faith as he was in terrible pain from an accident at school.  He wasn’t ashamed, embarrassed, or quiet in front of his friends as he called out for healing.  Pastor John was so pleased that his son didn’t first call out for him, his earthly father, but in his great pain and need he immediately called out to his Savior.  As Pastor John and I shared together about his son’s painful injury and his immediate belief of healing, I was overcome with emotion.  How often do I first call for human help or try and fix overwhelming problems myself, rather than cry out to my Heavenly Father who so desires to be my Healer in every spiritual or physical situation?  How often do I quietly pray after the fact, with a bit of doubt in the back of my mind, always leaving a “door” open for my Father if He chooses not to do what I ask? “Your will be done,” I pray with the opt out option for God.   Am I afraid to cry out to God in total belief?  Am I ashamed to call out confidently, loudly, in faith, for fear of what others may think?  Do I believe that God is my healer, that He is more than enough for me?  The lyrics that I sing so often, are they just words or truly a conviction that defines my life?  I say I believe and yet so often live my Christian life overshadowed with doubt regarding what God can really do!

Pastor John’s 9 year old son was and is an amazing example to me.  His first immediate response was a fearless, confident, childlike prayer to his Heavenly Father.  My Healer is just waiting for me to cry out to Him in every situation, for any need.  Lord, make me like a little 9 year old, Kenyan boy.  May my first response be belief in You.  May I live my life with an immediate, fearless, confident faith not in man or self, but in my Savior, my Healer, Jesus Christ.  May I leave doubt behind and live daily in certainty that the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Kenya is the same yesterday, today and forever for me.  There is no doubt.

By the way, Pastor John’s son was healed.  There was no doubt.

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